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MANOS Celebrating 25 Years!

The Sandia National Laboratories Hispanic Leadership Outreach Committee (HLOC) and Community Involvement Department, in partnership with Albuquerque Public Schools and the National Hispanic Cultural Center, announces the annual Manos Hands-on Science and Engineering Program for Hispanic middle school students. The program is designed to introduce math, science, and engineering concepts to mid-school students and spark their interest to pursue careers in science and engineering.

What is Manos?

Manos Hands-on Science and Engineering Program is an educational supplement targeting Hispanic middle school students. The Program is sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories’ Hispanic Leadership Outreach Committee, Diversity, Community Involvement, EEO & AA and Albuquerque Public Schools add the National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC). This program is designed to introduce Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) concepts to middle school students and spark their interest in pursuing careers those fields. This program is offered each spring for students in grades 6th - 8th. Students and parents are encouraged to participate and volunteer.

What is the purpose of the Manos Program?

  • Develop awareness and pride in accomplishments of Hispanic professionals and inventors.
  • Increase the pool of Hispanic students who pursue degrees in STEM.
  • Support the development of a scientific and technically trained student-base with hands-on technology experiences.


Manos provides students the opportunity for early high-tech business involvement with local communities. Young minds are inspired through engineering and scientific experiences. The focus is to increase and promote student academic excellence at the precollege level. Manos nurtures “hands-on” science, technology, engineering and math experiences primarily for Hispanic students, but open to all students. Manos works to improve students’ academic rate of success and personal self-esteem. The Manos Program continues to foster and expand awareness of self-respect for the contributions and achievements of Hispanic inventors and scientists. Through interdisciplinary activities, “Great Minds” and “Creative Thinkers” are excited about their future. Fax Completed Forms to: Miquelita Carrion at 505.284-9779 OR register ONLINE:

    • Apr.7-May.19, 2016: Robotics - Students learn how to build and program robots and work with LEGO MINDSTORM KITS. Students will learn how to make a robot follow a line, how to use touch and light sensors. The students will learn about career pathways in high wage, high technology fields. They will also learn about the importance of teamwork in a competitive environment.
    • Apr.7-May.19, 2016: Chemistry - How do they make fireworks different colors? What makes bread rise? Is shampoo really “pH balanced” like the commercials say and are all sunscreens the same? How does chemistry help to investigate a crime scene?
    • April 15, 2016: Dream Builders STEAM Fair – Annual celebration for Manos attendees

What must a student do to participate in the program?

Students must currently be enrolled in grades 6th through 8th. There is no cost to the student for attending the program. Students who need special assistance should call the Program Coordinator at 284-1610 prior to the commencement of the program.


Students are transported via bus from West Mesa and Rio Grande District Middle Schools free of charge, and MUST be picked up by class dismissal promptly at 6:00 p.m.

Transportation will be provided from the following schools for the following program dates ONLY:

      • Aug.27-Oct.1, 2015 Polk Middle School & South Valley Prep
      • Oct.15-Nov.19, 2015 Jimmy Carter
      • Dec.3-Feb.4, 2016 Harrison
      • Feb.18-Mar.24, 2016 Polk & Harrison
      • Apr.7-May.19, 2016 Truman & Ernie Pyle

MANOS Program is Every Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. — During APS School Year.


National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC)
1704th Street SW
Pete V. Domenici Education Building
(Creative Classroom)

Manos Location