You may choose only one of the following three courses to register your student(s).

  • Introduction to Computer Programming - Building Tomorrow's Technology Today

    How would you like to make your own cartoon? How about your own video game? Design the next battleship or cool smartphone app? Come learn to "scratch" and watch your designs come alive. Learn the tools to become creators of technology for the benefit of your community. This class teaches problem solving and critical thinking skills that can inform other walks of life. Students will learn how to solve problems in innovative ways. If you are scratching your head, then this is the course for you! (Grades 6-12, 30 Students)

  • Lego Robotics!

    Ever wonder what it takes to make a robot move on its own?  In this class you will explore how to command a robot by using a software package to program instructions.  This class will let you use your creativity, logic, and problem solving skills while learning computer science, engineering and math concepts.  (Grades 6-12, 30 students)

  • Using PM to Get Things Done

    Just imagine... It's a blissful sunny day. You and your friends are hanging out under a shaded tree. Text messages, music, and selfies are all being shared with one another. Your giggles and smiles fill the crisp air. Without the advent of smartphones or notepads, this would not be possible. Have you ever wondered how this is really possible? Acquiring information is easy, right? Touch a button, swipe a screen but what goes into making a smartphone.

    Believe it or not, each of these concepts all started with what is called project management. It can be applied to virtually everything we do or create. Whether it’s building something, organizing, planning, or thinking about college, project management provides us with tools that help us meet our goals. In this class, you will apply the fundamental concepts of project management to organize a technology project, plan a trip, and decide which college to attend. (Grades 6-12; 30 students)