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DATACon 2013


Due to the government shutdown, DATACon 2013 has been canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Collection, management, analysis and interpretation of Big Data are quickly becoming foundational challenges in the pursuit of solutions to our nation's most difficult and pressing scientific problems. The DATACon conference series, organized by Sandia National Laboratories, provides an opportunity for researchers, analysts, and topic authorities from across New Mexico's academic and national laboratory communities to present work-in-progress, exchange ideas, and discuss potential collaborations.

Domain experts in areas such as bioinformatics, cybersecurity, energy, climate, and signal processing, etc. are invited to discuss their subject matter and enlighten informatics researchers on prominent problem areas pertaining to data analysis.

In addition, researchers are invited to give informal demonstrations and talks about tools, capabilities, and real-world problems they have solved through analytics and visualization techniques.


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