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Cyber Technologies Academy

Training the next generation of cybersecurity experts

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About the Program

Classes for High School Students

The Cyber Technologies Academy (CTA) is an entry-level program for high school students intrigued by computer science and cybersecurity. Offering fun, interactive lessons and exercises, the CTA can be your first step toward becoming part of the next generation of cybersecurity experts. Plan to participate in our next CTA session. You'll learn from our cybersecurity professionals, meet other students with similar interests, and supplement your college applications with an impressive technical skill set. Learn more about the program and the classes being offered.

Training and Resources for Teachers

A second component of the CTA is aimed at teachers interested in supplementing an existing computer science curriculum. Join us for free summer training classes and gain knowledge and resources you can use at home or in the classroom. If you are a teacher or school administrator and want to become involved with the CTA or take our summer training classes, email us at Please include your name, school, class(es) of interest, and some background information (such as on existing cyber classes at your school). Learn more about the program and the classes being offered.


Student Registration: Now Open!

April 27, 2015

To all the parents who have been asking us when their students can register for summer classes, the time is now! We've just opened up registration for our student classes for this summer. Right now, we're not sure if we're going to be offering Programming I at all (gasp!), but we're filling in with two Intro to Cyber Tech classes and bringing back one of the favorites, Crypto/Wireless Pen Testing. Our Intro to Cyber Tech class also has a new twist. We're just about to (finally) release the textbook and class image publicly, so students this term will be able to finish exercises from home or catch up on missing classes. Students who want to take the class but are geographically unable to - please feel free to download the image and textbook, work on the lessons yourself, and then email us any questions you may have. We love questions.

For those of you new to the CTA, our summer schedule is a little different from the regular after-school schedule. Classes will be twice per week (either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) and the term will run for only 5 weeks instead of the usual 10. We know you wanted to take that family vacation. We do too.

Finally, the registration deadline for this upcoming term will be Sunday, June 7, at 11:59pm.

More Teacher Bootcamps

April 2, 2015

Another quick update: We had much larger-than-expected interest in our Teacher Bootcamps this summer, and our first bootcamp completely filled in just over a week. We have decided to offer a second Teacher Bootcamp this summer on the previous week, June 15 through June 19. We have closed the ability to register for the Teacher Bootcamp from June 22 through June 26, but you can now register for the earlier bootcamp and we may open a waitlist for the later class soon. If you already signed up for the first bootcamp and would like to switch to the earlier session, please send us an email (soon!) and we can make the switch. We will also be following up with you all individually to confirm your plans.

Unfortunately, capacity this summer will be limited, so in the event the earlier bootcamp fills up, we will create a waitlist for open slots, but we will not be able to host more than two bootcamps. If you are interested, please sign up soon.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

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  • Classroom phone: (925) 294-2571

Upcoming Sessions

  • 1-Week Teacher Bootcamp:
    June 15 - June 19

    Registration for this Teacher Bootcamp is now open.

  • 1-Week Teacher Bootcamp:
    June 22 - June 26

    This class is now full. Please contact us at if you would like to be put on a waitlist for this class.

  • 5-week Summer Session:
    July 6 - August 6

    Registration for Summer Session is open now!

    Deadline: Sunday, June 7, at 11:59pm


Livermore Valley Open Campus
Sandia National Laboratories
7011 East Avenue, Livermore, California 94550

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