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Cyber Technologies Academy

Training the next generation of cybersecurity experts

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About the Program

Classes for High School Students

The Cyber Technologies Academy (CTA) is an entry-level program for high school students intrigued by computer science and cybersecurity. Offering fun, interactive lessons and exercises, the CTA can be your first step toward becoming part of the next generation of cybersecurity experts. Plan to participate in our next CTA session. You'll learn from our cybersecurity professionals, meet other students with similar interests, and supplement your college applications with an impressive technical skill set. Learn more about the program and the classes being offered.

Training and Resources for Teachers

A second component of the CTA is aimed at teachers interested in supplementing an existing computer science curriculum. Join us for free summer training classes and gain knowledge and resources you can use at home or in the classroom. If you are a teacher or school administrator and want to become involved with the CTA or take our summer training classes, email us at Please include your name, school, class(es) of interest, and some background information (such as on existing cyber classes at your school). Learn more about the program and the classes being offered.


Spring Session, 2015

January 19, 2015

Once again, we're gearing up for another exciting summer session. We've continued to learn from you all and have taken some of your suggestions (read: grumbles) into account with some of the new changes we're making to our application process.

To start, we've realized that asking for six free-response questions was simply way too much to ask. Some people would write multiple pages of answers. Some people would write a sentence. We found a strong correlation between the length of the response and our percieved level of motivation for that student, and we would like to find a way to remove that unfair perception. After all, we wouldn't want to have to write multiple pages just to stay competitive, and we feel you guys shouldn't have to either. Consequently, one of our changes to the application process will be to ask for a single 200-300 word response to some combination of the application questions. Hopefully this will save you guys some time writing, save us some time reading, and give us a better benchmark for evaluating applicants.

Another change we're making this time is to allow former CTA students to identify themselves as such. We had a few students last session get initially placed in classes they had already taken, and we had to make some last-minute adjustments to keep everyone happy. This time, we'll be checking former student records to try to make sure that doesn't happen.

Also, we're going to finally include a comment box in the application. This is where you guys can mention any considerations we should take into account with your application. For instance, that you would like to be evaluated in tandem with another applicant so that you both end up in the same class (for carpooling, etc.). While we will not be able to guarantee that things will work out ideally in all cases, at least now we can proactively try to head off some of these inconveniences for you guys.

Now, what are you waiting for? New classes are posted!

Upcoming Fall Session

August 14, 2014

Out last session was a great success! Students from over 20 schools showed up this summer to learn about Programming, Linux, Networking, Virtualization, Circuits, and much more. Thank you all for a great summer and we hope we will be seeing most of you again in the Fall, as well as some new faces.

Speaking of Fall, we have a new session lined up. We're going to be taking our main introductory courses (Intro to Cyber Tech and Programming 1), and pairing them each up with a successor course this time. Students who are new to the CTA can take Intro to Cyber Tech or Programming 1, and students who have already taken at least one of them can take either our Programming 1B or Crypto/Wireless classes.

On another topic, we've been focusing hard on getting all of our Intro to Cyber Tech content condensed down into an instructional booklet and LiveCD. We're making excellent progress, and going to continue pushing hard to finish a first draft in the next few weeks. After that, we will be working on the release process, but we're hopeful that we'll be able to have the entire class contents available on our website before too long. Our plan is to teach the Intro to Cyber Tech class from the new material we've been building this Fall, so those of you who take the class may get a sneak peak.

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Upcoming Sessions

  • 10-Week Spring Session:
    February 16 - April 30
    No class Spring Break
    (dates to be announced in class)

    Registration for Spring Session is now closed. If you are interested in our Summer Session, check back for more information in May.


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Current Class Offerings

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